by Laurent Filoche

Please don’t get answers from eyes
You know that mine can’t lie
Quite as well as yours
Just let the spare moment flow
Rounding steps as I go
Through the open doors

Please don’t deflate from a sigh
I’d hold still every time but I’d start to shake
I wander around for days
Wondering what I’ll say
When they want the truth

You will never know how hard I try
To keep from waning while waiting at the start
The depth of every touch is real as you need
But words don’t do any favours for me

Tame Impala, “Sundown Syndrome”


“Wind (back)” - rhads


Home and the Fairies by `zancan


Pod Dive

Lure by ~tahra


Ethel and Barbara on the Pier, Lake Tahoe, 1930
Karl Struss


Rashad Alakbarov from Azerbaijan is “painting” with light in ways that don’t even seem possible. He organizes found objects into formations that cast light and shadows onto walls in the most spectacular creations.
Also known as the “master of shadows,” Alakbarov plays with the ideas of concealing and revealing with his giant installations. Upon initial view, his pieces are seemingly in disarray. After further investigation, the viewer discovers a painting of shadows and light cast on the wall and is able to look at the piece in a different way, with a fresh, new set of eyes. The final results are mesmerizing. This work is currently on view through January 29 at De Pury Gallery in London.Fly to Baku @ De Pury Gallery

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